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I have been feeding Fromm for many years and have been very happy with the way my dogs have responded to it. However.......I have changed my feeding. I still have Fromm on hand for the puppies which will not be staying with me. I am now feeding a raw diet. I have continued the Fromm with puppies because I know that the new owners might not want to jump right in with raw since it is a new way of feeding for most. I will be telling my new puppy owners about how I am feeding my adult dogs so that they can consider the benefits of that feeding plan. I have known about raw feeding for a long time and for some reason thought it would be more complicated than simply opening a bag of kibble.....not the case at all. One thing about raw feeding is that it is extremely important that your dog is receiving a perfectly balanced diet. The benefits of a raw diet are many. I am now feeding Allprovide. Allprovide comes in raw and gently cooked. The raw is in one pound vacuum sealed packages and the gently cooked is in bags. Both come frozen and you simply thaw and feed.


My dogs have gone CRAZY over the raw. In the past I had a couple of dogs which were slow eaters, no longer the case. I would like to suggest that you read about Allprovide and consider if a change would interest you. Since I was feeding a top shelf premium food already, I have happily discovered that my food costs have not gone up one cent! Always remember that the money spent of top quality nutrition is money you will not spend with the vet in years to come.


You can investigate Allprovide's prices, selections, and other important information by visiting their site at If you decide to place an order please put a note in the comments section of the on-line order form letting them know that I, Mark with Briarcliff Cavaliers, have sent you their way. I will not receive anything for you letting them know; I just know that people always appreciate knowing how they were discovered

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